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Bride Trial

      Hair & Makeup   $130

      Hair                  $85

      Makeup             $75

Wedding Day


         Hair               $100

         Makeup           $90


         Hair               $85

         Makeup           $75

     Flower Girls (under 10)

         Hair                $45

      Hair & Makeup  $130

      Hair                 $85

      Makeup             $75

Engagement Sessions

Wedding Services

Base makeup product used is Joe Blasco,

a line created for specifically for on-camera use.

It is weatherproof (and tear-proof), long lasting,

super lightweight, and will look flawless

in person and in photos.

All eye liner and mascara is waterproof. 

Wedding day services are provided on location 

with a 2 person minimum. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold the wedding date. 

Payments on the wedding day should be made

by cash or check. 

For the trial and wedding day, hair should be clean

and dry and only moisturizer on the face. 

Lashes are included for all makeup services.​

Travel greater than 10 miles is subject to a travel fee. 

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